Karina Gould helps spread the word for the Food Bank

Karina Gould

Normally these shelves would be stocked up and ready for the next day but due to higher demand and less opportunities for the community to hold food drives, our cupboards are low. This is normal to have a lull in donations at this time of the year but due to the pandemic, schools and churches […]

Burlington’s Downtown Urban Farm


Please volunteer to help them grow and harvest fresh produce for families here in Burlington. This week they were able to donate 34 lbs of fresh produce to the Burlington Food Bank (with the help of some volunteer donations as well). Right now they are looking for volunteers to join them and help with planting. […]

Strive for IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

Robin Bailey

The Burlington Food Bank strives for IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility. We think we do a good job of this and we regularly train our volunteers to not have any biases toward our clients. Respect for one another – We do our best to treat all clients, co-workers, suppliers and everyone we are […]

Thanks for supporting Ryan’s Market Gardens (Gift of Growing Basket)

robin bailey

Thank you to everyone that purchased a vegetable basket from Ryan’s Market Gardens in the Spring. Ryan than made sure space and seed was set aside and used to grow crops for the Burlington Food Bank. $25 worth of fresh-picked, chemical-free vegetables were grown specifically for us priced at only $20. Ryan’s then cared for […]

Donations Slump

robin bailey

Every July and August we see the number of donations slow down at the Food Bank. Everyone is busy enjoying Summer and many are out of town. Today we see that we were very low on small-sized soup cans and last week we were low on cereals. We keep our top 10 most needed items […]

Diane Gris – Volunteer and Intake Coordinator

Diane Gris

The Burlington Food Bank operates with only three staff members and are supported by many wonderful volunteers. The volunteers are looked after by Diane. Her role has changed quite a bit since she was hired evolving from volunteer coordinator to logistics specialist managing all our deliveries and pick-ups too. She’s also the voice our clients […]

Bernie Parent, Operations Manager

Bernie Parent

Bernie is our Operations Manager. He coordinates all the donations that are coming in. He also places our orders for supplies when we are running low including produce and perishables. Bernie also manages our drivers for the truck and he sources suppliers and wholesalers who can help us. The warehouse is very organized and always […]

BOWSER is Back!


We would like to thank the BOWSER Babes for their recent donation of $480. Daniel (Dover) Forsyth took first prize in our regular season BOHC.ca hockey pool and asked BOHC to arrange for his winnings to be split between the Club’s favourite charities. The Hospice and BOWSER (for the Food Bank). 50/50 split. Shown here […]

Samantha LeGrand – Our Food Bank Gardener


Garden Coordinator Samantha LeGrand thanks all her volunteers and then shows us what’s growing in the Burlington Food Bank plots. Wasn’t too long ago we were preparing for seedlings planting and going over Sam’s plan of action. Look at the bounty today! Bed 1 has salads, all kinds of lettuce, bed two has peppers, kale, […]

Urban Farm needs volunteers for Pollinator event!

Pollinator event

Tomorrow – Saturday July 10 from 9am to 11am, Adria Cehovin needs 20 new volunteers to help her out at the Urban Farm in downtown Burlington (Brant St. and Ghent Avenue). Please help her out if you are able! The Urban Farm needs 20 new volunteers to help out with the big Pollinator Planting event! […]