AUGUST 30, 2024

We are excited to introduce you to an important initiative that will be making a significant impact in our community—Feed Halton. This collaborative effort is focused on addressing hunger and food insecurity in the Halton Region, uniting our community in a shared commitment to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food and the support they need.

Food Insecurity in Halton

Food insecurity refers to a lack of access to nutritious, safe, and culturally appropriate food that meets individuals’ dietary needs and preferences. It is a significant issue in Canada, affecting an estimated 1 in 8 Canadians. This challenge has far-reaching consequences, including adverse effects on physical and mental health, educational attainment, and overall well-being.

From January to September 2022, there was a 24% increase in the number of people accessing food banks in Ontario compared to the previous year. Shockingly, 1 in 3 visitors were first-time users, indicating the growing need for food assistance. These numbers closely mirror the situation here in Burlington.

Feed Halton's Mission

Feed Halton aims to address food insecurity by pooling resources and expertise, ensuring that every individual and family in the Halton Region has access to nutritious food and essential support services. Our goal through Feed Halton is to make a difference in three key areas:

  1. Collaboration: Strengthening the Food Network in Burlington and throughout the Region of Halton is crucial to addressing rising food insecurity issues
  2. Quality and Quantity of Food: The Feed Halton Distribution Centre will provide more people in our community with access to quality and quantity of food similar to what our clients currently receive from the Burlington Food Bank without having to travel outside of their local community.
  3. Reporting: Effective reporting is essential for tracking progress, identifying areas for improvement, and demonstrating impact. Through Feed Halton, the food security network will have access to a standardized reporting system via the Feed Ontario Link2Feed Platform.

How Feed Halton Helps

Central Distribution Centre: The Feed Halton Distribution Centre will enable more efficient distribution of food resources available to the City of Burlington and the Region of Halton.

Access to New Food Sources: With a new 12,911 sq ft warehouse space, the Halton Food Security Network will receive and redistribute more significant quantities of donated food. This expansion allows us to explore new corporate partnerships with local and national food distributors.

Focusing on the Last Mile: Food bank agencies across Burlington and Halton Region can now focus on the last mile of direct distribution and providing support to individual clients without the need for extensive sourcing and sorting

How You Can Get Involved

Raise Awareness: We need advocates like you to help us reach more people in our community.

Volunteer with Us: We are planning ahead for the grand opening of the Feed Halton Distribution Centre and are looking forward to growing our volunteer team to facilitate this growth.

Make it a Reality: If you would like to contribute to Feed Halton financially or help us connect with food distributors, please contact info@feedhalton​.ca.