Annual General Meeting

Date: March 23, 2023
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Art Gallery of Burlington
Address: 1333 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

The Burlington Food Bank is excited to announce its Annual General Meeting on March 23, 2023, at the Art Gallery of Burlington, located at 1333 Lakeshore Rd. Burlington. This meeting is an opportunity for us to share with the community our achievements from the past year and our plans for the future.

The Annual General Meeting is a chance for us to connect with our supporters and volunteers, and share how their contributions have helped the Burlington Food Bank serve those who have requested our assistance. We will discuss the progress we’ve made in the past year, including the number of individuals and families we’ve helped, the partnerships we’ve formed, and the events we’ve hosted. We will also outline our goals for the upcoming year, including new initiatives and programs that will support our community even more.

The Burlington Food Bank’s Annual General Meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and will last for an hour, ending at 8:00 PM. The Art Gallery of Burlington is the perfect location for this meeting, as it provides an atmosphere of creativity and community involvement.

We encourage all our supporters, volunteers, and those interested in learning more about the Burlington Food Bank to attend this meeting. It is an opportunity to learn more about our organization, our mission, and how you can get involved.

We hope to see you there!