Burlington Food Bank participates in the annual Feed Ontario conference which will happen this week online in a virtual format. Today’s course is about “Getting Ready for the 2nd Wave”.

Beth Martin Snook from Burlington Together posted this note today – As we head into September and beyond, let’s keep in mind that Covid-19, like the common cold, is operating solely in its best interest. Coronaviruses are really, really good at what they do, which is: spreading. We WILL see new cases as schools reopen, it WILL spread. This isn’t a moral failing on anyone’s part. It’s just a virus, doing what it does best. Our best defenses continue to be hand washing, social distancing, masking, and supporting each other though what continues to be an extremely stressful moment in time. We very well may see a second wave, and if we do, we will be here to support the Burlington community and provide reliable resources.

The Burlington Food Bank IS and WILL be ready to support our community.