The Urban Farm was able to harvest 87 lbs of fresh food donations on Tuesday, 25 lbs the day before. There were several other local gardeners that dropped of fresh produce as well. The Urban Farm serves as a funnel point for the gardeners in Burlington every Tuesday morning between 9am and 10am. Adria Cehovin wanted to thank all of the volunteers and the contributors for this week’s donations for families in Burlington. Get involved! See for more details or contact Adria (

The Urban Farm is here in downtown Burlington (Brant St. and Ghent Avenue). There are 148 huge straw bales about 7ft x 3ft each. The project is progressing extremely well thanks to the volunteers.

If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help, PLEASE have them email us at or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at their door or make arrangements to pick it up through our curb-side pickup option. If you are a resident in Burlington, we are all here to help. Don’t struggle – give us a call.