Recently, there was news all over social media outlets identifying an outbreak of salmonella poisoning for red onions from the U.S. We want everyone to know that we take news like this seriously. We are purchasing directly from local wholesalers and when we hear of any food recalls or even social media news we then contact our wholesaler to discuss the exact produce we have received to make absolutely sure we are protecting our clients as best we can. We also receive automatic updates whenever the Government of Canada does a food recall and then ensure that we do not have any of the recalled products at the Food Bank. With the advance warning we are able to pull anything even questionable. Thankfully we confirmed 100% that the onions we received were completely safe.

We rely on corporate donors since all events have been postponed during the crisis. We do not receive any government funding and completely rely on community donations so we are very grateful to the corporate and personal donations we receive from people in Burlington.

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