Hunger Action Month is a nationwide initiative that takes place each September, uniting communities, organizations, and individuals in a powerful movement to raise awareness and take meaningful action against food insecurity. Throughout this month, we come together to shine a spotlight on the urgent issue of hunger that affects millions of people across the country. It’s a time to channel our collective efforts, advocate for change, and support programs that provide nourishment to those in need. By participating in Hunger Action Month, we join a nationwide endeavour to create a stronger, more resilient community where everyone has access to nutritious food and the resources they require to thrive.


Attend Our Flag Raising Event

As the Hunger Action Month flag is hoisted on SEPTEMBER 5, 2023, it represents our unity in the fight against food insecurity and serves as a reminder of the vital role each of us plays in making a positive impact. This event brings together community leaders, advocates, and supporters to amplify our message and inspire collective action.

Event Details:

  • Date: September 5th
  • Time: 10:30 AM
  • Location: Burlington City Hall

Hold a Food Drive

Whether you’re an individual, a community organization, or a business, hosting a food drive allows you to bring people together for a shared purpose. It’s a chance to create a positive impact by filling empty shelves and offering hope to individuals and families in need.

Fundraise or Give Online

Fundraising exemplifies the incredible strength of our collective generosity. So, whether it’s a small donation or a significant contribution, each step taken towards fundraising is a step towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Join Canstruction

This event will be taking place fromĀ September 24 until October 1 at the Burlington Centre Mall. As a Canstruction volunteer or sponsor, you can play an integral role in bringing the event to life, offering your time, finances, skills, and enthusiasm to support the teams and organizers.