This is the time of year that the City of Burlington raises the Gift of Giving Back flag at city hall to kick off a time of giving, teamwork and volunteering! Jean Longfield and her amazing team are a treasure here in Burlington. Anyone who has witnessed the absolutely incredible annual gathering of food donations know how special her team is and how special it is for all the young athletes in our town to work together to put food on the table for families in Burlington for months and months. They literally fill up 3 high school gyms with food, requiring transport trucks and forklifts to move it all to safe storage at many of our food security agencies. Seeing the smiles on our young athlete’s faces as they team up and fill all the bins working together is something everyone should see to warm their hearts. Something is coming in early December and it will be a GIFT to the whole community. The next Gift of Giving Back event at Burlington Centre – can’t wait!! We tried to get it out of her today but Jean is tough and wouldn’t crack under the pressure.

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