Loblaw’s Spring Food Drive

Unlike the ice and snow, hunger does not suddenly disappear in the spring. In fact, the need for food banks is higher than ever, which is why Loblaw’s Spring Food Drive, launching on Now is so important. Folks like you can help by donating product in specially marked bins in stores across the country, or […]

BigYellowBag Give & Grow Event

big yellow bag

Please support the BigYellowBag Give & Grow Program this year. For every bag of soil purchased, you save $5 and they donate $10 to The Burlington Food Bank Please enter our unique code — BURLFOOD22 https://bigyellowbag.com/

Gift of Growing Basket

Donate with The Gift of Growing Basket at Ryan’s Market Gardens Every purchase of The Gift of Growing Basket provides $25 of fresh vegetables for The Burlington Food Bank. A donation of fresh-picked, chemical-free vegetables grown specifically for The Burlington Food Bank.  Following your purchase of this basket, space and seed will be set aside and used […]

Tim Hortons #SmileCookie Kick off Monday!

smile cookies

Robin is with Tom Buscarino, one of the Tim Hortons store owners in Burlington along with many other fellow store-owners that all came out today to kick-off the 2021 #smilecookie campaign. Every year they look forward to Smile Cookie week when they make thousands of cookies for generous customers and they donate 100% of the […]

Burlington Urban Farm – a community success story

adria and robin

Adria Cehovin wanted to thank all of the volunteers and the contributors for this week’s donations for families in Burlington. The Urban Farm has been harvesting many lbs of fresh food donations every week. The bountiful harvest is a result of the efforts of these amazing volunteers. Adria mentioned that everyone answered the call when […]

Next week is Tim Hortons Smile Cookie week

robin bailey

Just a reminder that next week is Tim Hortons #SmileCookie week, a delicious way to support the food bank and help families here in Burlington. Tim Hortons owners have been supporting the Burlington Food Bank for many years and this event is a major fundraiser raising $69,249 during the 2020 campaign. The funds will be […]

Hunger Action Month – Affordable Housing

robin bailey

September is Hunger Action Month with Feed Ontario and The Burlington Food Bank represents our City within this organization. As part of this educational initiative we wanted to let everyone know that about two-thirds of the people that receive food assistance from food banks across Ontario are actually on social assistance such as Ontario Works […]

September 13-19 is Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week

robin bailey

Welcome back to school. We are hoping that teachers and kids both have the patience to get through the early part of this new school year. The Burlington Food Bank runs an excellent school snack program for all families with school aged children so hopefully that takes one worry off your minds. One of the […]

Snack Program for school aged kids

robin bailey

The Burlington Food Bank sends best wishes to teachers and students as they return to the classrooms. We have a healthy snack program that supports your children if they are school aged. We would like to thank the teachers who have been working hard preparing for this school year. Hopefully this time around is a […]