Over the last week or so we’ve opened up our garden and we’ve been working on it to get everything planned and planted. Lisa Dubski, our volunteer Garden Coordinator has just about completed seeding our Community Garden plots and is now looking for volunteers to help with maintenance. We were very happy to hear about #BurlingtonTogether and their Grow a Row initiative! This will help us out tremendously. Since we only have 7 garden plots for the Food Bank, we are limited to what we can grow so Lisa has planned it down to a square foot science.

The Grow a Row initiative would allow for volunteers to grow the larger vegetables such as cauliflower, allowing us to use our smaller plots for higher density vegetables. If you are able to help out with Grow a Row please contact Beth Martin Snook at #BurlingtonTogether and if you are able to volunteer with us here please email us at garden@burlingtonfoodbank.ca