We are excited to have people here in our community growing fresh food for us through Burlington Together’s Grow a Row initiative and now Burlington Green donating to us through their efforts at the City of Burlington, Central Community Garden – THANK YOU! What is better than fresh produce! Each week we participate in zoom meeting discussions with the City regarding food security along with other local agencies to collaborate and see how we can all help each other a little better. We also connect with charities such as Oakville’s Kerr Street Mission and Oakville Fareshare Food Bank to learn best practices and how they are shifting to serve their clients. We’ve talked at length about the current need in Oakville and Burlington and the reach of our organizations beyond ourselves as we do our best in assisting other groups in our specific cities. We are also able to remind each other of the existing needs that we are not currently able to assist with, on our last call we discussed that statistics show that approximately 25% of the people in our community that need a Food Bank, actually reach out for the assistance that is provided.

We know there are a great number of people that could be asking for help but don’t make the call, we wish they would. info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or 905-637-2273