Just wanted to let everyone know that we updated our Top 10 most needed items recently as there are a few food drives starting up. Thank goodness as we are going through our supplies quite quickly and could use the extra help. Peanut Butter is once again the number one on our list – its supplies are getting low and it’s an expensive item for families to purchase. The other top items are canned pasta sauce and canned tomatoes. If you are out grocery shopping this weekend and can help us out please add a jar to the food bank bin on your way out if you are able to. As it is now harvest time for most gardens including our own community gardens, its great to see the amazing fresh produce brought in.

Thanks to Lisa Dubik our Horticulturist and amazing Gardener and her team of volunteers for coming through with so much wonderful healthy fresh vegetables. Lisa is still hoping to find volunteers that are early-risers to help her out with harvesting, she can be reached at garden@burlingtonfoodbank.ca