Our Mission

Mission Statement/Value Proposition:
To provide nutritious food to the hungry of our community in a dignified and timely manner


1. Our Food Bank is committed to feeding the hungry in our community. Our clients are treated with dignity & respect. We welcome all clients without judgement.

2. Our Food Bank is about food distribution. We collect, sort and distribute food to our clients and outreach food programs.

3. Donations from our financial supporters allow us to purchase perishable food items like milk, meat, eggs, etc. Our food donors allow us to feed the hungry.

4. Our valued partners provide the Food Bank with nutritious food and hygiene products to help meet our client needs.

5. Our Food bank relies on the dedicated staff and volunteers to help receive food, inspect for expiry dates, sort and distribute to our clients.

6. Our strategic board provides direction to the staff at the Food Bank; this includes yearly planning to enhance the client experience.