Organize a Food Drive

Need Materials for Your Event? Look No Further.

We encourage you to run your own event in support of the Burlington Food Bank, and are happy to provide you with materials to help. Note: we would love to see how you use our logo and other images, so please send any collateral you have created to

How to Build an Event with the Burlington Food Bank

Once you’ve decided what you want to do and when, fill out our Community Event Registration Form and take a look at our helpful suggestions. Organizers are asked to register their event so that the Burlington Food Bank can assist with publicity. Call us if you have any questions.


How to Run a Successful Community Event

If you’re running a food drive as your event, or as part of your event, there are sections on the Community Event Registration Form where you can let us know your goals, whether you need food collection bins, specially marked boxes or a food pick-up. We can also provide a spokesperson for large corporate events.

  1. Decide where and when you’re going to run your food drive.
  2. Set goals for food collection, decide how you’ll collect it and get it to our warehouse.
    • Set a goal in pounds, or aim to fill a lobby, lunchroom, office or corporate vehicle.
    • Generating 100% participation is a goal. Your event can be a great team-building activity!
    • We recommend that you help educate your donors to check expiry dates and to sort the food in designated boxes that we provide. This way your donors can see what items are needed most.
    • We can only pick up collections greater than 300 pounds, that’s about 30 grocery bags, but we always appreciate collections being dropped off at our warehouse or a local fire station.
  3. Promote your community event.
    • Encourage people to donate our Most Needed Food Items.
    • Tell people about your drive including: co-workers, neighbours and schoolmates.
    • For corporate events, find out if your company will match food/monetary donations.
    • Use facts about Burlington Food Bank to promote your drive by visiting the ‘Learn’ page.
    • Advertise your drive on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.
    • We will post your event on our online calendar.
      • Send a description of your event (including who, what, where, when, contact information and a link to your website, if applicable), at least two weeks before the event. We’ll post it on our website.
      • Your description and formatting may need to be edited in order for it to fit.
    • Track your success, send out emails and post updates to keep everyone excited and involved.
  4. Drop off your food and fund raising donations at:
    • 1254 Plains Rd East, Unit 1A  Burlington, ON L7S 1W6
      Or, if you requested a specific pick-up date on your registration form, you can expect the truck that day. If there are conflicts, we can make other arrangements. Please note that financial donations CANNOT be dropped at fire halls. Bring them to our Plains Road location.
  5. Follow up with your event participants and donors.
    • Let everyone know about your success, either in an email, poster or announcement.
    • After we receive your donation, a thank you letter or certificate will be sent to the event organizer. We encourage you to duplicate this letter to send it to your donors.
    • Contact the Burlington Post and Snapd Burlington and encourage them to cover the success of your event.
    • The more innovative and creative your event is will determine media interest.

Help us feed the hungry in Burlington!

Volunteering is not only a great help to us,
it’s also incredibly rewarding for those who give their time.