These guys bring restaurant-quality freshness to your table that you won’t find at the grocery store.  Order one of their FreshBoxes and feel great knowing that $1 goes to the Burlington Food Bank on every order!

FreshWagon always supports local. Our platform gives local vendors in your area, the opportunity to grow their business by offering you the very best ingredients, while giving back to local food programs. Delivery in your area is always free on orders of over $75 and on all FreshBoxes.

We curate the best products from local restaurant suppliers and local artisans as a one stop shop to support local. Similar to your local farmer’s market. 

Whether you need those special ingredients for your next BBQ, or you’re looking to stock up on essential fruit, veggies and meats for the week – we’ve got the good stuff.

We’re committed to donating 3% of our net income to support local food and family programs. In addition, we also add $1.00 to every order for the Burlington food bank