Every July and August we see the number of donations slow down at the Food Bank. Everyone is busy enjoying Summer and many are out of town. Today we see that we were very low on small-sized soup cans and last week we were low on cereals. We keep our top 10 most needed items up to date on our website in case you are at the store and are able to grab an item to place in the food bank bin at the store. As you know we are always able to help out any new person or family if they need support. Just because we are low on food overall doesn’t mean you should not ask for support. We are here to help you. Thank you to everyone that has been dropping off donations!

If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help, PLEASE have them email us at info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at their door or make arrangements to pick it up through our curb-side pickup option. If you are a resident in Burlington, we are all here to help. Don’t struggle – give us a call.