Annual Reports

Burlington Food Bank


2017 Burlington Food Bank,
Annual Report to the
March 22, 2018



2017 was a year of transformation for the Burlington Food Bank. We re-branded the organization by replacing its former name “Partnership West Family Support Network” with “Burlington Food Bank” which we registered with the province of Ontario. The board felt the original name did not portray what service the Food Bank provided to the community.

In addition to the name change we hired an Executive Director – Robin Bailey - to support the board in our goal of making the Food Bank the best in feeding the hungry in our community.

We also hired Bernie Parent as our Operations Assistant, to manage the food handling and to drive the new truck for pickups and deliveries.

In addition, the board approved a new intake area to be used as a private space for our new clients to register in dignity and without interruptions; a board room was also added to provide an area for board meetings.  Both the intake area and board room became a reality thanks to the generosity of our community and outside supporters who donated not only all of the office furniture and the computers but also most of the material and labour that went into the construction.


The board, for the first time in the history of our food bank, applied for grants:

  • $50,000.00 Halton Region Grant for a new truck,
  • $5,000.00 Sysco/OAFB grant to build a community garden
  • $5,000.00 Walmart Capital Grant.

We were very excited to hear that we were awarded all three grants which allowed us to purchase a new cube van with a refrigeration unit and to expand our community garden which yielded fresh produce for our clients.


Overall visits to the food bank were up 14%, in 2017 compared to 2016.

Burlington Food Bank                                        6,400

St. Christopher’s Open Doors                           3,600

Total visits                                                          10,000

Approximate value of food distributed        $1,100,000


We attribute the increase in client visits to:

  • More clients living nearby are now visiting us
  • The name change to the Burlington Food Bank
  • Cost of living increase
  • Increased number of unemployed single male clients


Community Outreach

The Burlington Food Bank continued to provide food and financial support to several local partners. Most notably:

  • Wellington Square Friday Night Community
  • St. Lukes Wednesday Luncheons
  • St. Mathews Lunch For Seniors
  • Glad Tidings Dinners

In addition to these we also provided non-perishable food items to several Burlington food cupboards and food pantries who provide temporary short-term help for needy people in their neighbourhoods.

Our Partners and Supporters

In 2017 our financial situation improved greatly thanks to the generosity of our community donors and fundraisers. Some of our largest donors are:

  • Burlington Food Bank partnered with Food for Life to host the 2nd annual Ride to Provide which raised a total of $75,000.00 from which we received $42,000.00.
  • The Tim Horton’s strong Smile Cookie campaign provided $49,000.00 to the Food Bank.
  • The Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club and the Bowser Babes along with the Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League contributed over $30,000.00
  • The Gift of Giving back, our largest food donor, provided us with approximately 25% of the 422,000 pounds of food and hygiene products they collected during their fall food drive

We are so grateful to these organizations and also to the number of local churches, organizations and private individuals who have helped us year after year by providing us with food and cash donations.

Our Team

Our volunteers and our staff are the key to keeping the doors open at the food bank. Their dedication and tireless efforts are greatly appreciated by the board and the community. The Burlington Food Bank could not function without the strong support of these dedicated people who have donated more than 6,500 hours over the past year.

In addition to our regular volunteers we have been fortunate over the past year to have received volunteer help from the employees of twelve different corporations who have given up their time to come into the food bank to help sort and pack food.

Looking Ahead

This year the board and its staff will focus on improving the client experience to support a stronger client satisfaction. Areas we will specifically focus on are:

  • Increasing the frequency of our client visits from once a month to every three weeks
  • Providing a segregated intake room to allow our clients the comfort and dignity so they can share their information confidentially.
  • Expand the footprint of our community garden that we started in 2016 to provide fresh produce to our clients.
  • Provide Food Security and Safety Training to our staff and volunteers.

I want to thank the staff, our many volunteers, the board and all those who have helped our community address the hunger in Burlington.


Norm Crook
Chair, Burlington Food Bank