Annual Reports


2014-2015 REPORT To The Community

Our values are Dignity, Competency and Privacy.

We are committed to ensure that no one in our community struggles with hunger. We provide food to those in need.

Our progress toward that commitment is demonstrated by the fact that over 3,100 of our neighbours, in Burlington, have visited and were assisted by our food bank in 2014. When dependent family members are included, 7,450 people were provided with food of which over 3,400 were children. The retail value of the average assistance package is $222 indicating that we provided food valued at approximately $700,000 to those in need in the community. 

In addition, the Tim Horton’s “Smile Cookie Campaign” allowed us to provide some 2,000 snack packs in 2014. This meant that children had fruit cups, granola bars, raisins, cheese snacks and juice boxes for lunches and recesses. Many of our clients have told us how important this programme has been. Partnership West also supports food cupboards, community dinners and a breakfast program at a local high school. More information on our outreach programs is available on our website. In total, the generosity of our donors provided over 220,000 meals to those in need in our community.

Resources needed to provide that assistance are donated by the community in the form of food, monetary donations and volunteer help. We receive donations from individuals, corporations, churches, schools, sports clubs, service groups, foundations and community events which are hosted on our behalf. Partnership West does not receive any government money, grants, or donations of food.

Sustainability: The demand for food assistance is constant throughout the year.  Donations however are cyclical with the bulk of food donated at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving with a large proportion of financial donations received at Christmas. It is our policy and intent to provide consistent support all year around. This requires that we manage our resources of food and in particular our financial reserves very carefully.

At Partnership West each visit provides clients with sufficient food for 7 to 10 days. We do our best to provide a variety of nutritious food. This includes fresh food such as milk, bread, cheese, eggs and produce and in addition frozen meat such as hamburger or chicken. As most food donated is non-perishable, we need money to purchase the fresh food needed to supplement a healthy diet. We appreciate the support of donors who specifically designate their tax deductable donation for this purpose.

Facilities: We have been in existence since 1992 and operate mainly from a leased facility on Plains Road in Burlington. For the last two years, in partnership with St Christopher’s church as part of their “Open Doors” programme, a second facility, being a standalone portable building, has been in operation. This second facility is centrally located and has enabled us to better respond to the needs of our community.  We are pleased that in 2015 we are in the process of securing additional contiguous space at our Plains Road facility which will further enable us to more effectively serve the needs of our community. 

Associations: Partnership West is a member of both the Ontario Association of Food Banks (the OAFB) and Food Banks Canada. We value these memberships as we believe it important to be part of an external group which sets industry standards and a code of ethics. We also benefit by participating in provincial and national donation programs supported by food producers, food processors and grocery stores

The OAFB also collects statistics from all member food banks which are used to provide information on the usage of food banks. The OAFB issues a “Hunger Count” report annually which is used for public information and to advocate toward a hunger free Ontario. The statistics from the 2014 report show that 375,000 people access food banks in Ontario. An extensive and informative report is available on the OAFB website. In Burlington, 17,000 people live at or below the poverty line with many needing to visit food banks to help feed their children. 

Partnership West also works co-operatively with The Salvation Army who operate the other major food bank in Burlington. During the year there are two major community food drives, one at Easter and the other at Thanksgiving. These food drives arise from a long standing partnership between us and the Salvation Army with donations of food being facilitated with the cooperation of local grocery stores and city Fire Stations

Thanks to the Community: We are grateful to those individuals who continually fill our donor bins at the various grocery stores each and every week. We are thankful to the individuals, corporations and other organizations that donate money and run food drives. We appreciate the Burlington Old Timers Hockey Association who have partnered with us by collecting food at the hockey rinks every month during hockey season and providing a large financial donation each and every year for the past twenty years. We work with the Burlington Eagles and their partners in boys and girls youth hockey on their wonderful “gift of giving back community food drive”.  We very much appreciate Tim Hortons and their Smile Cookie Campaign. (Also the many people who buy the cookies!)

We are thankful for the 7,000 plus hours of service provided by our volunteers in 2014. They sort cans and dry goods, pick up food from different locations across the city, wash floors, stock shelves and help people shop.  We would not be able to function without them. 

These are only a few examples of the support we receive from the community at large. Our web site details the names of many of our donors. Many ask that we not publize their kind donations.

Our Pledge

We are proud of our operation and the staff and volunteers in our organization who are committed to ensure that the resources given to us are used wisely, fairly and efficiently so we may serve all in our local community in need of food. We ask for your continuing support. We pledge to continue to effectively use the resources the community provides to serve the needs of the community. We live in one of the best communities in Ontario. Help us to be one of the best food banks in Ontario and respond to the increasing needs of our fellow residents.

Please visit our Website for more information about us and how best you can support our mission. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

David Jack, Chair

March 25. 2015