We’re thrilled that people are contacting us to arrange for support now as we assembled 36 deliveries on Monday and 33 today – this is a significant increase compared to the same couple of days last year. Our New Years resolution – our goal is to allow people to come back in and shop for themselves and at the same time keep a delivery option available going forward for those with mobility trouble and can’t make it into the Food Bank. As all food-security agencies realize, it’s not just about the food alone. When people are able to visit with us, the interaction gives them a better sense of dignity and community and lets them recognize that we are here to support them. We miss seeing our clients but we need everyone to stay safe, wear your masks, socially distance and wash your hands so that we can all get back to the way we would like, so that our volunteers can again interact with clients in a way that helps them feel well cared-for and supported by this great Burlington community.

Thank you to Jo Brant for being so proactive and for being ready to care for us all. And thanks to you front-line workers for being so brave… until we can all enjoy better days.