Collect Food

The Burlington Food Bank collects food in many different ways.

One of our main collection methods is through our food bins at grocery stores in the west end of the city.

When you donate food to the Burlington Food Bank at a drop-off location, we then collect it and bring it back to our warehouse to be sorted by volunteers and provided directly to our clients.

Along with reclamation and recovery of fresh fruits and vegetables through local grocers, we also work with a large number of grocery stores to recover high-quality meat. The stores take top-grade meat and freeze it before the expiry date. We collect these items every week and provide them to our clients as well.

collect food

Help us feed the hungry in Burlington!

Our meat recovery initiative has helped dramatically.

Food recovery not only opens us up to increased donations, but also keeps quality food out of the landfills.

Thanks to financial support from the Halton Region Community Investment Fund we have been able to expand the program with the purchase of our walk-in freezer.  We are now able to partner with several grocery stores to increase our protein distribution.

Meat is flash frozen in store before its best before date. The Burlington Food Bank picks up the products and provides them to our clients.