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Norm Crook

Norm Crook, Past Chairman

Norm went to Delta Secondary School (Hamilton) and then studied at George Brown College in Toronto. He worked as a Director of IT at Hydro One.

After retiring, Norm took on the Chairman role with our Burlington Food Bank and whipped us into shape. His business acumen and passion for helping others in our community helped put our little food bank on the map. If we were to map out a timeline of significant events for the Food Bank, having Norm on board would be one of our major milestones. There’s just so many things Norm does that make him the PERFECT person on any Board. No one will ever forget Norm Crook’s accomplishments here. We are all very proud to have had the opportunity to work with him.

wikipedia: Norm Crook; philantropist, caring, hard-working, loved by all, and not a bad golfer.

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