Going now into December, we wanted to update everyone with some of our stats. We’re here at Eat The Frog Fitness today as they are doing a Christmas food drive – trying to collect enough cans to match their Christmas tree shape and size.

We have recorded over 10,000 volunteer hours to date. We have an incredible group of people – they must be TIRED!!  We’ve collected over $1 million in food (including food support from Feed Ontario and other food-related agencies) and we have also managed to distribute it all out to families in our community already. ($ value is based on $2.60 per pound according to Food Banks Canada). Can’t thank our community (and all our City councilors) enough. We’re collectively managing to meet the needs of our great city through a lot of support and hard work.

If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help PLEASE have them email us at info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at their door or make arrangements to pick it up through our curb-side pickup option. If you live in Burlington, we are here to help. Don’t struggle – give us a call.